Aluminum Doors : We provide Single or Double Residential Aluminum Doors. All Our Residential Doors are made up of Thermally Break system to maximize the efficiency. Our products can achieve all u-values required by Residential Building Regulations and manufactured according to British Standards.

Our Door are thermally broken rebated door, ensures we maximize the glazed area. With a intelligent design, engineered for quality fabrication and ease of installation. This system uses high quality components, from throughout Europe, to ensure the products durability.

The Range of Products we offer in Residential Aluminum Doors are :

Rebated Doors : Designed specifically for the UK market place to be used as same profiles to offer commonality of design. Fixed sidelights or fan lights can be incorporated into the design to create additional light into a home.

Offering the option for increased ventilation into a room and greater natural light the system is suitable for use as either an entrance door to the home or as French doors leading to the garden.

Door can be single or double, opening in or out, to meet the project specification.



Single Door Double Door
Maximum Width 1000mm 1000mm
Maximum Height 2700mm 2700mm
Jointing Mechanical Mechanical
Internally Beaded Option
Glazing Thickness 28-32mm 28-32mm
U-Value 1.6W/m2K 1.6W/m2K


  • Patio Doors ( Sliding Patio Doors and Lift & Slide Patio Doors) :

Sliding Patio Doors: Our sliding patio Doors provide the ultimate in space-saving design and functionality.

The tracks and Rollers are built to be excellent quality to increase the life of doors.

Lift & Slide Patio Door: Lift & Slide Patio Door system is a advance innovation drive from the sliding patio systems. The whole system is designed to overcome the disturbance and noise comes from the friction of roller and track of sliding system. It used a special frictionless hydraulic sliding system or a smooth and quiet ride over the track.


  • Bi-Folding Doors: Bi-folding Doors are versatile solution in the Door Market. It comes along with various configurations. The Half rollers available for even panel number configurations. A large number of glazing options are also available. Also available in one master door and slave sliding door configuration. The master door comes with three point locking system option. U- Value of up to 1.5 W/ m2K available.


All these Products are available in following options/ Partners:

  • Smart Aluminium Systems
  • Reynaers Aluminium
  • Synseal Group
  • Comar Aluminum Systems
  • Kestrel Aluminum Systems
  • Exlabesa (Kaye Aluminum Systems)


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