Smart Building Contractors offer various levels of security doors. Depending on the perceived threat level, we have models designed to resist a range of threats, from opportunist attacks with minimal tools, to prolonged and determined attacks using heavy-duty power tools and the use of considerable force.

Security recommendations:

  • Open out doors are more secure than open in doors.

  • Doors should be set back into a reveal, and not set flush with a buildings outer wall.

  • Surface mounted locks are more secure than mortice locks.

  • Exterior furniture should be minimised or avoided.

  • The walls should be as secure as the door.

No door can ever be totally secure. If enough time and noise is allowed, any door can be defeated with suitable tools, but following the guidelines above will help improve door security.

We offers different types of security Doors :

  1. Entrance Security Doors
  2. Fire Exit Security Doors
  3. Louvred Panelled Security Doors
  4. Front Security Doors



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